Hygiene and your health are important to us. Therefore, please note our hygienic concept.

Upon arrival

  • We do not require a handshake.
  • Instead of paying in cash, you can alternatively transfer the invoice amount for the accommodation or, if your bank supports it, make a real-time transfer with your cell phone etc. upon arrival.
  • We will provide you with our registration form digitally.
  • As far as you wish or if there are currently valid legal requirements, we keep a minimum distance of 1.50 m and wear a mask when handing over the apartment.
  • Frequently touched objects such as door handles, room keys, keys safe, window handles, tables, light switches as well as the garden furniture are cleaned with a hygiene surface cleaner.
  • Our towels, bed linen, dish towels are washed at 60°C.
  • The beds are also already made up in compliance with hygiene standards.
  • Alternatively, if you wish, you can make up the beds yourself or bring your own bed linen and towels. Please let us know before your arrival.
  • The apartment is sufficiently aired before your arrival.
  • A separate cleaning concept has been created for our cleaning staff.

During your stay

During your stay, for your own protection as well as for the protection of other guests and our cleaning staff, we ask you to observe the following:

  • Used handkerchiefs, masks and gloves must be disposed of appropriately by placing them in a sealed plastic bag in the residual waste garbage can.
  • We provide sufficient garbage bags
  • As far as currently valid legal regulations require a minimum distance to other persons, we ask you to keep this distance on the entire premises of our vacation apartments towards other guests, cleaning staff and other third parties.
  • In closed rooms the number of pathogens in the room air can increase. Regular airing serves the hygiene and promotes the air quality. Airing reduces the number of pathogen-containing, ultra-fine droplets that may be present in the air. We therefore ask you to air the rooms appropriately, especially in your own interest.
  • Sufficient hand washing detergent will be provided.
  • In the event of signs of infection with the Corona virus and especially after a positive COVID test, you should inform us immediately and, if necessary, contact a treating physician by telephone for further clarification.

On departure

  • On the day of departure, please clean the used dishes in the dishwasher at a minimum of 60 ° C.
  • On the day of departure, tilt the windows as much as possible so that the apartment is sufficiently ventilated before the cleaning staff enters.
  • Please put the key on the table before leaving.

Of course we are happy to help you personally at any time.
Feel free to contact us if there are any questions and concerns at arrival and departure as well as during your entire stay.

We look forward to your visit!